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Founded: October 1, 2012
Sacramento, CA

All About You D.I.V.A. was founded by Frankie Edwards Lee
of Framed by Frankie and Daphne Burgess of Brown Sugar

Initially "All About You D.I.V.A" started as an Annual
D.I.V.A. Day. It was designed to provide African American
women with a day of empowerment, professional networking,
a variety of entertainment, shopping, a platform to address
health & beauty challenges, and honor local women who have
made a powerful impact in their communities.
'All About You D.I.V.A'  Phone: 916-613-2940 Email:
All About You DIVA on Facebook
In 2016, Daphne & Frankie decided to have a  3rd Saturday D.I.V.A. Marketplace. One of the most important
things the D.I.V.A. Market founders (Frankie Edwards Lee and Daphne Burgess) strive to achieve with the
marketplace is bringing attention to local and African American women owned businesses.  While to some, this may
not seem like such a huge deal, when given careful thought this is a truly meaningful undertaking as it provides area
consumers with the opportunity to keep more of their dollars circulating in the community in which they live. 

The list of participating businesses is growing and so is the opportunity to keep our dollars circulating in our
community as we shop for the things we would normally purchase to keep our daily lives running smoothly. We
hope to see you there!
1st DIVA Photo
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