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All About You D.I.V.A presents
The Traveling D.I.V.A Market
Small Business for Black Women By Black Women  
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The traveling D.I.V.A. Market is an environment that will not only provide you with an opportunity to
develop and build your brand identity throughout Sacramento County as a small business, it is also our
aim to keep the money circulating in our communities. The
D.I.V.A marketplace is the perfect platform
to increase your income, generate valuable relationships, and to create a community of like minds with
the goal to succeed, all at the same time.

If you have been searching for the perfect business community where you can share info, gain
exposure and sell your products and/or services to shoppers looking for gifts for any occasion - the
D.I.V.A Market is the place to be!

Let's build and do this together!
Benefits of becoming an All About You D.I.V.A Member
$12.00 Annual (this amounts to $1.00 a month )   
  • Receive a D.I.V.A Market Savvy Card  to give to your customers, (once 15 boxes are full from
    purchase the Member will receive a discount or free vendor booth and the customer will
    receive a gift value at $15.00)

  • Receive a member discount on D.I.V.A community partner events

  • Receive a “D.I.V.A Market Vendor” pin

  • Printed fliers for upcoming events

  • Blog

  • Business Directory (D.I.V.A member must have a facebook, IG or Website)

  • Invitation to information/workshops on marketing your business (social media, eblast and more)

  • Tips on Booth Presentation

  • Video on YouTube highlighting your business  
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